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 Open Data


Definition of Open Data

Open data is defined by the Open Data International Charter as “Digital data which is available with technical and legal characteristics necessary for freely use, reuse, and redistribute by anyone, in anytime and anywhere."
Governmental Open Data Policy
In order to regulate the work in open data area, the Government of Oman has developed an open data policy.
This policy can be found at:
Open Data Users
Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) provides free use and access to open data for users upon their personal responsibility.
The users of data include the following categories:
1. Interested individuals in open data for various sectors (public, private, etc.).
2. Smart applications developers.
3. Students and Researchers in academic institutions and interested individuals from civil society.
Conditions for using Open Data
The users of the data are committed of the following:
1. Data and source must not be misrepresented.
2. When using data, the source should be noted through adding the link of open data portal as a reference.
3. Data should not be used for any of political purposes, illegal or criminal activity, negative impact on culture or activity contrary to the customs and traditions of Oman.
4. PASI uploads the data for the first time and then updates data periodically, and without any responsibility for any modification or analysis of the published data.
Responsibility of Open Data Users
The users of the open data are responsible for the reuse of the data, and the reuse should not cause in any mistakes related to the content, source and history of the data. The use of the data should be for research and scientific purposes.
PASI's Responsibility as a Data Provider through the Open Data Portal
1. PASI is not responsible for any damage or misuse suffered by the Entity due to using this published data in the Open Data Portal.
2. PASI is not liable for any responsibility towards data users and any damage that might happen to them.
3. PASI reserves the right to delete or modify the open data on the open data portal.
The Available Data are categorized in groups as follows:
1. Active Employers in the Social Insurance Scheme
2. Insured Persons in the Social Insurance Scheme
3. Insured Persons in the Scheme of GCC Extension Coverage
4. Insured Persons in the Insurance Scheme for Omanis Employed Abroad and their Alik
5. Insured Persons in the Insurance Scheme of Omanis Self Employed and their Alike
6. Insurance Benefits
7. Customer Service
8. Media and Insurance Culture
9. Investment Performance