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 Self Services System

  • Brief

  • Brief

    Within the continuous efforts to expand the social insurance umbrella to cover the different segments of the society and with a view to realize job and career stability, the social insurance system for Omani self-employed, businessmen, liberal professionals and the like was issued. The system was promulgated by the royal decree no. 44/2013 under the name "Social Insurance System for Self-Employed Omanis and the like”, to be a complementary for the schemes and program implemented in the Sultanate as an incentive for the national workforce to engage in this vital sector. Subscription to this system is optional for the insurance branches of old age, disability, and death stated in social insurance law. Insurance branches of work injuries and occupational diseases and not included in the system. The beneficiaries are:
    1- Businessmen: any natural person employing one or more employees against certain wage.
    2- Liberal professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, and auditors.
    3- Nationals registered in accordance with the Commercial Register Law as working in the fields of trade, industry, commerce, or finance and the like who work on their own account.
    4- Partners in all commercial companies, except the joint stock companies.
    5- Nationals who work on their own account in any occupation such as fishermen and drivers of public transportation vehicles.
    6- Nationals who engage in business activities that require a permit or license from the competent authorities.
    7- Other nationals may be included to benefit from the provisions of this law subject to the approval of the Board and the Ministry of Finance and subject to a decision issued by the Minister in this regard. The decision should set the date when the provisions of this law should come into force.

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