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    Contributions are the amounts paid by the employee "the insured", employer and the Government within the insurance system in return of covering the insured against old age, disability and death risks in addition to occupational diseases and work injuries.

    Contributions are paid on monthly basis computed on the basis of percentages out of the gross salary as follows:

    Employer's contributions: 11.5% of the Gross salary (10.5% for the coverage against old age, disability and death. 1% for the coverage against occupational diseases and work injuries).

    Contributions paid by the government: 5.5% of the Gross salary.

    Illustrative Example:

    An insured employee is drawing a gross salary of RO.325
    Employer's contributions: 325 * 11.5%= RO.37,375
    Contributions payable by the insured: 325 * 7%= RO. 22,750

    The employer should pay the full amount of contributions to PASI within the first 15 days of the month next to the month for which payment is due. The employer is the only accountable body before PASI. The employer should deduct the contributions payable by the insured from his/her salary.` Example: The contributions payable for January should be paid during the period from 01.2. to 15.2.

    Issue of Bills

    By the end of each month, the automatic systems applied in PASI calculates the monthly contributions payable by all employers and then prints the monthly contributions invoice and mails the same to the employers provided payment of contributions should be made through one of the following E-Payments Channel:

    Payment of Contributions on Installment Basis

    Employers who delay the payment of their contributions for a long time may apply to PASI for the payment of contributions on installment basis. Payment on installment basis is allowed by the laws and regulations applicable in PASI in accordance with certain requirments and controls stated in the decision issued by the Board of Directors in this regard.

    Transfer of Contributions To/From Other Insurance Schemes

    It means transferring the collected contributions of an insured employee from PASI to other pension funds upon termination of his/her service from the private sector and joining an entity that is covered under one of those pension funds.

    At present, PASI transfers the total contributions of the insured employees who move from the private sector to entities covered under one of the following pension funds:

    • Civil Service Employees Pension Fund
    • Diwan of Royal Court Employees Pension Fund
    • MOD Employees’ Pension Fund

    On the other hand, when an insured employee transfers from one of these entities to the private sector, the concerned pension fund should transfer his/her contribution to PASI in order to include his/her previous service period to the service period in the private sector.