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  Occupational Health and Safety


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 The Authority Role in Providing Rehabilitation Services for Occupational Injury Cases


The General Authority for Social Insurance plays a significant role in providing protection for the insured in the event of an occupational injury that could impact their ability to continue working either temporarily or permanently. PASI’s cover includes daily allowances, compensations and pensions in cases of permanent total or partial disability.

To optimally exercise its critical role of providing comfort to the injured, PASI works to rectify situations and constantly follow-up on cases to help people get back to their normal life, and join other members of the community in serving the nation.

The Authority provides rehabilitation services to the injured, including the provision of the best medical equipment and advanced prostheses, with the aim to ensure the following two overarching objectives are fulfilled: i) Optimal health care, which is achieved by following up on the condition of the injured and providing him/her with all the required medical care and supplies (such as any form of chairs used by people with organ-loss disability) and prostheses; ii) Social integration to help the injured return to his\her normal life as an active member of the community and eliminate any potential obstacles in their daily life.

In conclusion, our message to all insured employees is: if due to an unfortunate occupational injury you sustained a disability that requires special medical equipment which may not be available through the Ministry of Health, please come to us and apply for such requirements to be provided by PASI.