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The Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) Award for Scientific Research is a research award presented by PASI in the Sultanate of Oman every two years for the best research projects on social insurance fields.

Scientific research is a main pillar of countries economy and its development. Therefore, achieving the well-being of the people and maintaining their superiority and leadership among countries requires research projects incubating and absorbing the scientific capabilities and energies.

PASI award project aims to employ scientific research to promote the culture of social insurance among the society, and achieve positive reputation and excellence as a translation of PASI vision and mission.

In addition, it is hoped that the award will contribute to enhance the scientific competition among researchers and motivate them to submit researches result benefits that can develop transactions and Procedures in various insurance sectors, in order to achieve high quality and sustainable development in various fields related to social insurance such as actuarial sciences, pension benefits, insurance services, pension schemes investments, media role in spreading the social insurance culture and social insurance laws and legislation.

General Objectives of the Award:

  1. Supporting scientific research on social insurance fields.
  2. Provide a platform for researchers to study the most important contemporary issues and challenges in areas related to social insurance.
  3. Encourage researcher’s continuance in their research activities and initiatives to enrich science and knowledge related to social insurance.
  4. Promoting social insurance culture in the society.

Award Sections:

  • Researchers hold PhD and Masters Degrees.
  • Researchers from undergraduate and university students and colleges.

Research Areas:

All areas related to social insurance, in particular:

S. No.       Field
1 Actuarial Science
2 Pension benefits
3 Insurance services
4 Investments of social insurance and retirement systems
5 Spreading the social insurance culture
6 Social insurance laws and legislation
7 social insurance role in the sustainable economic development

Conditions for participation in the award:

  • The applicant must belong to one of the awards sections.
  • The research should be related to one of the award areas in particular, and to the social insurance in the Sultanate in general, and be genuine.
  • The research has been conducted to participate in the competition, and is based on recent information and data.
  • The research has not been previously published or participated in any competition, seminars or workshops.
  • The researcher is willing to provide any information that may be requested by the award committees.
  • Members of committees, teams , external arbitrators and PASI employees may not participate in the award.
  • Omani and non-Omani nationals working in the public, private or academic sector(within the Sultanate) are entitled to participate in the award.
  • Omani and non-Omani students enrolled in institutions of higher education (recommended to study by the Ministry of Higher Education) in Oman are entitled to participate in the award.
  • The decisions of the jury are final and the researchers have no right to object.
  • The application form must be filled out electronically through the electronic form along with a copy of the initial proposal for the research.
  • The winning researchers should present a visual presentation of their winning research in the award ceremony organized by PASI in cooperation with the supporting bodies.
  • The intellectual property of the winning researches is devolved to PASI.And the researcher shall be entitled to publish it with mention of the supporting body (PASI)

Award value for winning research:

Section Prize Value (R.O)
Researchers hold PhD and Masters Degrees First 5000
Second 4000
Researchers from undergraduate and university students and colleges First 3000
Second 2000
Third 1000