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Investment Decision

The Authority receives every month the contribution yields paid in respect of the insured under the Social Insurance scheme against provision of retirement pension and other insurance benefits as they are covered by the Omani Social Insurance Law.

The amounts collected from the contributions are invested, as investment is one of the major tasks of the Public Authority for Social Insurance undertaken by the Investment Department of the Authority thereby implementing the investment decisions issued by the Authority's Board of Directors and the investment committee emerging from the Board of Directors.

The investment committee comprised of certain board members in addition to the Authority's Director General makes the investment decision. The Board of Directors endorses the investment decisions by approving the minutes of the meetings of the Authority's investment committee.

The investment committee meets on regular periodical basis or​ as and when required, and the committee may take urgent investment decisions through (circulation) if required. The committee adheres to the investment regulations and policies approved by the Authority's Board of Directors in respect of the investment decisions it takes. The committee receives the investment-related issues to study the same and takes the appropriate decisions regarding these issues through the Investment Department.

The department also solicits investment opportunities, studies and analyzes the same and then forwards them to the investment committee supported by detailed information, complete analysis and sufficient justifications together with the necessary recommendation considered by the specialists in the department in order to help the investment committee take the appropriate investment decision in accordance with the investment regulations regulating the investment, instructions of the board of directors and its approved investment policies.

The Investment Department implements the investment decisions, follows up the different investment-related matters and submits periodical analysis to the committee in order to monitor the investment performance.


Types of Investment Assets

The Authority invests its funds inside and outside Oman by distributing its investments locally and externally within specified proportions and diversified investment assets with an aim to distribute the risks and increase the returns.

The Authority Invests in the Following Investment Assets

  • Shares of joint-stock companies (Locally and externally)
  • Government and corporate bonds (Locally and externally)
  • Alternative investment instruments (Locally and externally)
  • Short-term instruments (Locally and externally)
  • Real estate investment (Inside Oman only)

Investment proportions are distributed amongst the various assets based on instructions already set out in the executive regulation of investment to always ensure realization of balance between soundness, profitability and liquidity of investment in medium and long term.

Finally, the Authority adopts the latest financial and investment automation systems in its investment, financial and accounting operations. The Investment Department may show the Authority's investment performance for any specific period of time including the accurate individual details.