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Buraymi Located on the old Sa'raa hospital street , beside Shell petrol station, Al Buraymi (Al Khadraa) towrads Sohar road, opposite to Al Akram Bakery. 24123632 24123631
Ibra Located beside OmanTel in Al Safala area- Ibra. 24123390 24123391
Ibri Located on the main road after Al Akhdeer roundabout towards Al Dhaklia 24123650 24123651
Nizwa Located aligned with the main road Nizwa Bahla, in Al Sakhrya area near the Agriculture Development Center (300m from Nizwa market) 24123710 24123710
Pasi HQ PASi Head quarters is located Taminat complex in Bucher vs. Oasis Muscat complex 80077600
Rustaq in Algashab behind Bank Sohar 24123750 24123754
Salalah Located in Dhofar Region, new Salalah street, south of minister of state office, and Salalah's mayor office. 24123550 24123551
Sohar located near the Sohar Sports Complex 24123570 24123570
Sur Located in Al Rassaa area on the side of the road leading to Shatti Sur Hotel, between the office of the Omani Company for the natural gas, and the technical and administrative training institute. 24123290 24123291