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 5 Years Plan


PASI has come a long way in achieving the social objectives for which it was established. However, it still faces great challenges to achieving high levels of growth, expansion of social insurance coverage, and dissemination of social insurance culture and concept among the community. Since the time of its establishment under the Royal Decree No. 72/91 on the issuance of the Social Insurance Law which provided for the establishment of a public authority under the name of "Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI)" enjoying administrative and financial independence, PASI has been working by a spirit of responsibility to translate its national responsibilities in order to have an active role in achieving the social and economic stability in the Omani society.

In pursuit of the senior management of PASI to enhance its services, expand the social insurance coverage, develop its human resources, and apply the modern techniques whenever possible, it decided to prepare the first strategic plan. Al Roiah Human Development Establishment was appointed to assist PASI in setting the plan. Al Roiah started its preparatory works in 1st Nov 2008 and submitted the first draft of the five year plan to PASI in 28th Feb 2009.

The plan reflects high aspirations and includes objectives in line with the five year plan of the Sultanate. Perhaps a closer look at the features and elements of the five-year plan of PASI shows the increasing importance of the development plan as it reflects broad objectives for the economic prosperity and social balance. The plan also reflects the basic trends and the national objectives, which PASI contributes to achieve, namely:

  • Increase the efficiency of PASI’s performance as a unit of the state administrative apparatus and government institutions.
  • Grow the national wealth and diversify sources of income.
  • Contribute to the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable development.

The clear message delivered by the five-year plan of PASI is that the achievement of goals does not mean just the escalation of the pace of progress and improvement of the performance in continuation of what has been achieved during the past years, but it is also the beginning of a promising breakthrough stage that will witness a fundamental change in the economic and social structure. The ultimate goal which PASI is seeking to achieve through the five-year plan in the first place is to provide social protection and welfare to the insured through the following:

  • Improve the provided insurance benefits.
  • Provide social protection schemes that ensure decent life for the insured.
  • Provide the required services, improve their quality, and make them easily accessible.

These objectives are not just aspirations. To achieve them, the plan should adhere to the pattern of priorities and policy framework governing the allocation and diversification of investments that have a significant role in achieving the objectives of PASI in the long run.

Some people may think that it is a very ambitious plan. This is true, but it is certainly realistic. It is ambitious as it befits this Authority, and realistic with its great capabilities and potential that will achieve its goals and objectives in the progress, development and renaissance.